Building Better Wholesale Box for Customers Canada

As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes understands the kinds of problems companies face when it comes to logistics. To accommodate customers shipping goods of unusual shapes or sizes, Racer Boxes can manufacture custom sizes at wholesale prices.

With so many manufacturers offering standard box sizes exclusively, many businesses are saddled with unnecessary shipping fees and sloppy presentation.

Packaging that’s too big can look like a waste of material—a real downer for the environmentally conscious.  And if it’s too small, the safety of the contents could be compromised. Ultimately, it also looks negligent on the part of the shipper, and that can impact the perception of a business as a whole. After all, if shipping isn’t a concern, what else is sliding?

In business, image is everything. And shipping is as much a part of a company’s image as the product itself. Finding the right sized delivery box isn’t just a matter of shaving costs—it’s about creating a good impression.

Of course, costs are important, and a smaller, sleeker shipping container requires less storage and packing material. These might seem like token expenses initially, but when dealing in bulk, nickels and dimes can add up quickly.

The ideas shipping box should have at least two inches of space on every side to act as a cushion for the product (once the fill is added). This increases the security and protection of contents, reducing the possibility of damage.

Today, there really is no good reason to use oversized boxes. It won’t impress the customer and could make a business look careless or negligent in the long run. That’s why Racer Boxes provides custom box sizes to retailers who want to find the right fit for their product.

To learn more about creating custom box sizes, contact Racer Boxes at (604) 270–8205 or

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