Small Die-Cut Mailers – Made to Order

Names Mailer box, small mailer cardboard box, tab locking box, mailing box, gift box
Description One-piece self-locking box. Perfect mailer boxes for subscription boxes, shipping toys, accessories, ceramic wares, gift items, etc. Popular uses includes subscription boxes, toy shopping, accessories, ceramic pieces, gifts, e-commerce purchases, and electronics.
Strength ECT29
Color Brown in plain
Quantity Available in complete skids and smaller orders
Sizes Stock sizing listed below. Custom sizes also available
Printing Custom box printing and colors available

Stock Sizes Available

CB00119 ¾12 7/82 7/16501000B
CB359 7/89 1/43 7/16501000B
CB00411 ¼10 7/83 15/16501000B
CB00515 ½11 3/82 7/16501000B

*Length, width and depth are Inside measurement

Other Product Information

Mailer boxes that are specially cut using die presses to meet the exact dimensions of unique products are one of Racer Boxes areas of expertise. This type of packaging is extremely versatile and can be useful for the shipping of documents or products. Die-cut mailer boxes printed with unique designs and logos are also an excellent means to add a little whimsy to otherwise ordinary looking retail or promotional packaging materials. 

Racer Boxes’ die-cut mailers are a single unit constructed from the highest quality corrugated cardboard. Each mailer is self locking with no tape required for secure closure. Typically available in plain brown, our mailers can be printed with any design to enhance the attractiveness of the packaging. 

To learn more about die-cut mailer boxes available from Racer Printing and Manufacturing, contact our office at 604-270-8205 or

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