Case Studies

Case Study 1: The Supply Chain 15 minutes vs 15,000 Kilometres

Tim Lee general manager for Munching and Crunching International, under pressure from ownership to reduce reduce fixed and variable expenses by 10%.

Munching and Crunching distribute their sea food products from Vancouver Canada to all across North America. The seafood products are shipped out in corrugated cardboard boxes made by a box manufacturer nearby called Poser Packaging….Read More

Case Study 2: Inventory Storage Problem for Paolo’s Perogies

Paolo’s Perogies while not a household name is well known in Perogie circles.

Paolo Verdun, the owner of Paolo’s Perogies is faced with a dilemma. The factory warehouse they are currently using is proving to small for their production needs. They are in need of approximately 250 sq/f additional space to accommodate a new pasta machine he is intent on adding to their production infrastructure…Read More