About Us

Factory Store Front of Racer Boxes in Richmond BC

Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing was founded in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada by two Hong Kong immigrants in 1991 which started as a printing company and eventually evolved into a reputable and successful corrugated box manufacturing company. Known for its exceptional customer service, on time delivery and dedication towards their customers, the company grew steadily and is now a very stable box manufacturing business in the Lower Mainland.

The Racer Boxes Difference

Racer Boxes also offers flexibility to customers with low, mid to high volume requirements and yet maintains affordable pricing and superior qualities that sets us apart from other competitors.

‏ Now, under Prime Packaging Company Ltd, Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing will continue the tradition brought forth by the two founders and continue their vision to always provide the highest quality, the best service, the unsurpassed flexibility and the most affordable pricing to our customers.