In 1991, Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing was founded in Richmond, British Columbia. The vision of two Hong Kong immigrants, Racer Boxes originally functioned as a printing company. Overtime, the company expanded into corrugated cardboard boxes manufacturing and custom box printing.

Racer Boxes, a reputable Richmond-based cardboard box manufacturer, is known for its exceptional customer service which includes timely and dependable box delivery. A business renowned for our dedication to our customers, Racer Boxes has enjoyed steady growth throughout the years. Today, we are proud to have earned the distinction of being the leading corrugated cardboard box company serving the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

The Racer Boxes Difference

Racer Boxes is committed to assisting our Richmond-area customers with their low, mid to high volume cardboard box requirements while still maintaining a price point that is highly affordable. Though our corrugated cardboard boxes are available at budget-friendly prices, our priority remains with delivering a superior quality product that sets us apart from other competitors.

‏Now operating under the Prime Packaging Company Ltd umbrella, Racer Boxes will continue the tradition first implemented by its founders by standing behind our mandate of providing the highest quality cardboard box solutions to meet the needs of our valued Richmond-area customers.

Our corrugated box products are 100% made in Canada and all of our corrugated box materials are sourced from either Canada or USA only.

Quickest Turnaround Time in the Market!!!

Racer Boxes is committed to our clients and we have great relations with our vendors therefore we have an excellent lead time for our clients. Our lead time is 2 weeks! Compared to our competitors which is much longer timeframe. Contact us for more information. We are happy to assist your box printing needs.

Despite the increasing demand in the market, side-by-side the on-going scarcity of raw materials, Racer has come prepared to keep its Production Leadtime: 2 WEEKS !!!

What Racer Boxes Offers

Racer Boxes offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to assist Richmond-area residential and commercial clients with all of their cardboard box needs.

Among the products and services we provide include:



Jo Tariga
Thank you very much for your excellent service!. I'm very impressed with the product quality as well as your efficient communication as you have kept me informed throughout the whole process up until the delivery. This is my first order but certainly not the last. Keep up the good work!. Cheers!!!
Alex Villeneuve
Very pleased with my order form Racer Boxes. The product is high quality and the order was manufactured quickly. Better customer service than other box manufactures I have dealt with.