Custom Boxes

Customize: Customize for various sizes, depths, strengths, and uses. We can work around your ideas.
Method: Our custom cardboard boxes are precision cut to match your needs.
Printing: High precision and sharp printing available to meet your needs. Click here for our custom printing service.

High Quality & Affordable Custom Boxes

With our many years of experience as a premiere printing house, we are able to offer our clients high definition printing, performed by our in-house printing specialists.
Our Richmond based manufacturing facility produce the highest quality corrugated cardboard boxes with high definition printing services available in-house. Our custom cardboard boxes are precision cut for various sizes, depths, strengths, and uses.
Contact us today at (604) 270 – 8205 for all your wholesale custom cardboard box services in the Vancouver Area.

Why Racer Boxes?

We’re more than just a regular box company.
The team at Racer Boxes offers custom box solutions to meet each client’s unique packaging needs. Whether you are looking for a specific die-cut box or custom printing, we can deliver.
Racer Boxes is an industry leader in wholesale box manufacturing and box printing for the Vancouver Area. Our high precision quality and service flexibility ensures that we have you covered, for all your custom box needs.
As Vancouver’s leading wholesale box manufacturer and box printer, we place a high priority on providing each of our customers with boxes crafted from the finest corrugated cardboard cut on our high precision equipment. We offer flexibility of work processes to ensure the finished product is completed to your specifications and according to your timetable.
For more information about how we can assist you with all of your custom box needs, contact the Racer team now at 604-270-8205 or

The Racer Boxes Difference

We’ve helped our customers in British Columbia and Washington, US fulfill their cardboard box needs for decades. We offer excellent customer service high quality products. Basically, we are committed to getting the job done right and on-time, everytime.

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