Saving on Wholesale Boxes: China vs Vancouver Canada

We recently wrote a case study featuring Munching and Crunching, a seafood distributor in Vancouver Canada. In this case, their seafood products were packed and shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes made by a local box manufacturer. In an effort to lower the cost of their wholesale box orders, they decided to try out a chinese box manufacturer. But did they end up saving money and was there a better option?

Importing Boxes: Risk vs BenefitsPacking Cartons Vancouver BC Canada

In this case, the Chinese box manufacturer required 30% in advance before they would build their boxes and then full payment before shipment of the completed boxes. After shipping, the total savings worked out to a little under 2% on their seafood packing boxes expenses.

Expensive Lesson

The trouble for Munching and Crunching turned out two fold: (1) the logo was incorrectly printed: it read “Punching and Crunching.” And (2), the quality of the boxes was inferior: as soon as their stackable boxes were stacked 4 high, the bottom boxes would crumple and become unusable.

Better Way to Save on Vancouver Wholesale Boxes

In the end, Munching and Crunching discovered Racer Boxes — a local Vancouver Boxes and Packaging Manufacturer — and successfully reduced their costs without skimping on the box manufacturing and printing standards. Racer Boxes even created a print plate that can be repeatedly used on their future box orders.

Before ordering your boxes wholesale from China, check out your other local box and packaging manufacturer options.

Call Racer Boxes at (604) 270 – 8205 and ask for a quote.


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