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Save Storage Space: Boxes Delivered Weekly

Some food distributors and manufacturers can save valuable warehouse space and reduce fixed overhead expenses by converting from buying boxes in bulk to weekly box deliveries, as our recent case study demonstrates.

Buying Bulk vs Prearranged Weekly Deliveries

This study comes from the help of one of Racer Boxes customers who recently switched to using our weekly box delivery service in order to cut costs and save on space.

The findings show that while buying boxes in bulk provides a bulk discount to the initial price, the increased cost of storing bulk orders of boxes can in some cases outweigh the savings. In this case study, the manufacturer’s dedicated inventory space for boxes added up to a monthly loss of $1,120 so at the end of the month he was coming out at a loss.

Weekly deliveries of his boxes were effectively a bigger discount than buying bulk box orders.

Contact Racer Boxes in Vancouver Canada

See if receiving weekly deliveries works for you, contact Racer Boxes – a Vancouver Boxes and Packaging Manufacturer at (604) 270 – 8205. Through a reduction in box inventory, you may even be able to convert your inventory square footage into revenue generating space.

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