After almost two years of pandemic, the consumer market was totally transformed. Before, many people who did not trust online sales channels were forced to migrate to digital media – and ended up discovering that they love shopping online. The phenomenon of one-click purchases was so great in this period that new technologies gained prominence and should reach an unthinkable scale in 2022. Those who do not follow this movement may be left behind. So if you have a business that doesn’t sell online yet, check out five arguments below that will gain even more traction this year.

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1. Customer relationship

A trend that will be strengthened is the centralization of the customer database. More and more companies are investing in systems and technologies to identify consumer tastes and habits regardless of the channel where the purchase is made. Understanding the preferences of those who buy in your company to know how much and how to invest in each customer will help to serve you better, generating personalization and loyalty.

2. Live Commerce

Live commerce is a tool that went viral on the internet in recent years. Coming from China, it consists of sales made in live broadcasts, usually on social media. Products are shown and tested during a live video and are available for purchase in real time. A seller presents the products and the offers are usually available within 24 hours after the live presentation. 

After choosing an item, the buyer is directed to one of the online sellers or even a website where they can complete the transaction. This tool was powered by online exhaustion – when people get tired of buying only online – and see live commerce as a fun shopping format and with a closer live approach.

3. Cross Border

The cross border, also known as “cross-border trade”, is the online purchase of products in other countries, especially China and the US. Until recently, international purchases were synonymous with delays of months to arrive and sometimes extra costs. But companies like AliExpress and Shopee came to compete in this market, investing massively in logistics and digital marketing, breaking this barrier and generating confidence in the consumer market.

So more and more people are buying in other countries thanks to these facilities. Therefore, the Canadian retailer needs to think of strategies to get around the situation. Among them are the bet on hyper local sales (in the same city or neighborhood, for example), to be able to deliver quickly, and the ease of return or exchange.

4. Express (Super) Delivery – Quick Commerce

Speaking of fast delivery, express delivery is a trend in the online retail scene. With big brands using this strategy, the consumer has responded with strong adoption. It is worth mentioning that this type of cost is not always worth it – because it is not usually cheap. To decide, companies must take into account the relationship between the investment cost to operate in this model and the increase in the average ticket or purchase frequency. If in your business this is just a luxury for a few customers, an additional amount may be charged per purchase for express delivery.

5. Assisted Sales

The conversational tool is quite efficient with the new sales channels, such as Whatsapp or chat. We will see more and more stores worrying about maintaining a smooth communication with the customer. It is widely used in assisted sales, when the seller helps the consumer in their purchase process, as is common in services. Creating personalized service combined with efficient operational support, fast and accurate service, conversational sales have everything to be a pillar of retailers going forward.

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