The delivery of products at home is one of the last phases of a long journey that begins when the customer visits your e-commerce. After all, when someone completes a purchase in a physical store, the relationship between him or her and the store ends there. However, when the purchase is made online, there is a whole chain that goes into action from the moment the purchase is completed until the delivery of the order to the recipient.

Many entrepreneurs do not stop to think about this subject, but paying attention to the shipping process and creating ways to positively surprise the customer in the delivery of products can represent a differential for e-commerce. In fact, there are many details that can be taken into account to take your online store to another level when it comes to valuing the customer experience. That’s what we’ll be dealing with from now on. Let’s go!

Start With the Basics

Before thinking about the unboxing experience (more on that below!), you need to master the basics of selling online. That is: if a person makes a purchase on your website, they expect to receive that product in good condition and on the indicated date, right? So packaging must be done carefully to ensure that the object will not be damaged during transport. So you need to use good quality packaging that is appropriate for the type of product you sell. If it’s a personalized package that has your brand’s identity, even better.

It is also important to choose the ideal carrier to take that type of packaging and hire the right freight to transport it. As you may already know, each carrier has its own protocols, and they offer different types of deliveries for different needs. Research well to offer the best cost-benefit to your customers.

Information Is Everything

If you’ve mastered the basics described above, let’s take it a step further. One of the most important details that you should pay attention to when we talk about product delivery is the tracking. To ensure customer satisfaction, it is of paramount importance that he or she is informed about the entire path that the order takes, from shipment to arrival at the agreed address.

Parcel tracking is beneficial for the business in several aspects, including:

– Helps control customer anxiety.

– Assists in building the good reputation of e-commerce.

– Enables quick actions in atypical situations, aiming to solve possible problems

– Avoid re-deliveries (which happen when there is no one at the address to receive the order).

The more information the consumer receives about the trajectory of his purchase, the greater the chances of him or her buying again in your online store.

Unboxing Experience

Do you know what an unboxing experience is? As the meaning itself suggests, worrying about unboxing experience means providing the customer with a differentiated experience when unpacking the product. But how can this be done? It is not necessary to spend a lot to surprise the customer. Small actions that demonstrate the merchant’s care for the customer already have a great positive impact.

A simple thing that the shopkeeper can do is write a small thank you note, preferably by hand, and leave it inside the package for the customer to find as soon as the package is open. Another idea is to use colored papers, or even customized ones with the brand’s visual identity, to wrap the order. In addition to beautifying the packaging, these papers can still be kept by the customer for personal use.

In addition, there are a number of other strategies that can be used, it all depends on each segment. Clothing stores, for example, might have a signature fragrance and spray it a little on the box before closing the package and sending it to the customer. Beauty supply stores can send samples or miniatures… The possibilities are many.

But why invest in unboxing experience? First, because this will improve consumer perception of the brand. Second, because it can encourage the customer to recommend your website to other people. Third, because many customers, especially younger ones, feel motivated to share on their social networks the good experience they had, thus generating spontaneous marketing.

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