The Benefits of Custom Boxes for Business in Vancouver

For some people, a box is just a brown piece to contain products, and while sometimes your business needs the simple brown box, often the solutions are far more complex to meet business specifics demands. As an experienced and high-qualified box manufacturer in Vancouver, the Racer Boxes are ready to provide to your business the best boxes solutions. 

The Racer Boxes has been manufacturing custom corrugated boxes for Canada and the USA, applying the best practices and industry experience necessary to provide you the best packaging solution for your business and budget.

Following, you will learn the benefits of custom corrugated boxes as a package solution for your business.  

Environmentally Friendly

The corrugated material, base of the custom box, is a recyclable and biodegradable product, making it easy to be recycled, reused, and easily repurposed.


Your business needs are unique, and it is paramount to find specific solutions for them. The custom corrugated box can be produced in the exact specifications, measures, printing logo, and in the quantity that you want.

Largely Adopted

Corrugated boxes are well used in all industries. The high demand consequently brings the need to differentiate your business from others. Our team can offer specific solutions to your business sector, from the design to the delivery.


When you opt for a custom corrugated box, you are also choosing for precision. Our custom cardboard boxes are precision cut to match your business needs. This also allows you to control better your packaging needs considering your product’s features.

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Are you ready to order your custom corrugated boxes? Contact Racer Boxes now at 604-270-8205 or to discuss the best box option for your next order of cardboard boxes. We will ensure to getting the job done right and on-time every time, helping your business with their packaging needs.

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