When it comes to delivering your products to your final customers, packaging boxes can cost your business a good chunk of your costs. To help get the best cost-benefit from your packaging, you can count on Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing team. We’ve helped our customers in BC, Canada, and Washington, US, to find the best cardboard solutions at affordable pricing and superior quality.

Take a look at the following considerations when you’re deciding on your packaging boxes.

Custom Boxes

Your business and products might require specific measures which can save costs. With customizable boxes, you can have boxes that perfectly fit your products, avoiding any loss, or having a significant number of boxes laying on your warehouse.

You can customize for different sizes, depths, strengths, and uses, giving you the exact box to fulfill your needs. All Racer Boxes custom cardboard boxes are precision cut to match your requirements accurately. And if you want to enhance even more your brand experience, you can also add a high precision and sharp printing solutions.

Avoiding fillers

Perfectly custom boxes to package your product also mean that you no longer need to spend money on fillers to protect your products. When you buy a vast bulk of one size box, and your products are smaller than the box, you might incur in costs to protect your product during the shipping.

Besides increasing your packaging costs, spending on the void filler is not environmentally friendly once you’re producing even more waste. It would help if you were mindful of how this might be perceived by your customers who are even more engaged to adopt eco-friendly habits to support a sustainable environment.

Regardless of size, measurements, and weight, Racer Boxes team is here to help you to find the best carboard box solution for your business. We offer excellent customer service for high-quality products. We’re committed to getting the job done with excellence and on-time.

Contact Racer Boxes now at 604-270-8205 or to discuss custom box solutions for your next order of corrugated cardboard boxes.

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