Wholesale Cardboard Box Sales to the USA

As a Vancouver-based cardboard box manufacturer, Racer Boxes is pleased to ship wholesale cardboard boxes direct to the USA. Now you can take advantage of favourable exchange rates to save even more money on wholesale cardboard boxes.

Canada and America’s Wholesale Box Manufacturer

We offer wholesale cardboard boxes of superior quality at affordable prices to US customers. All our durable corrugated stock carton and cardboard boxes are manufactured with high-precision machinery. Ideal for American businesses with high volume requirements, Racer Boxes can ship one order of 24 pallets right to your door. Smaller loads may need to arrange for pick-up. Contact us to inquire about unit count as this varies depending on box size.

As a longtime leader in the Vancouver market, Racer Boxes caters to a variety of industries. We make shipping more convenient and secure thanks to an outstanding selection of stock, which includes:

Standard sizes are available for most products. However, we also can manufacture custom sizes. This is particularly beneficial for businesses who want to control shipping costs by reducing the size and weight of shipping boxes. For image-savvy business, In-house box printing is also available.

Wholesale Cardboard Boxes Duty-Free to the USA

There’s one more big advantage to choosing Racer Boxes. Since all our boxes are manufactured with paper of US or Canadian origin, there are no duties to import our wholesale cardboard boxes to the USA.  That’s right—you can take advantage of wholesale pricing and Canadian exchange rates, without paying exorbitant duties.

To learn more about purchasing cardboard boxes wholesale in the USA, please call (604) 270–8205 or email us at info@racerboxes.com