Decorative objects such as paintings, posters and illustrations are among those that consumers buy a lot online. And for the posters to arrive intact until their final destination, it is necessary to use packages of adequate size and indicated for fragile products. However, what is the best way to pack a painting that has a frame, engraving and glass? In this blog post, we will see some tips to ensure that the frames arrive at their destination undamaged and protected by cardboard packaging for high quality fragile products.

Cardboard boxes for paintings

The first thing that any company needs to do is make sure it has the right types of cardboard packaging for the pictures it sells. In this case, they can be framed and with a glass on top or even just posters or illustrations without a frame.

That is, do a test with all product sizes sold. For posters with frames, wrap them in bubble wrap or brown paper to be able to measure the size that the packages will need to be. The boxes must be the exact size, that is, the product must fit without leftovers and not be tight. As for the posters, the most used packaging is in the shape of a tube made of a thicker material, which does not crumple.

After that, you are likely to need custom-sized boxes that meet your needs. Companies that decide to use properly sized boxes consult specialists in creating solutions in this area, such as Racer Boxes. So, if you want to get customized packaging for your business in Canada, ask us for a free quote

Other care using cardboard boxes

To send pictures with glass, remember to cover it with a layer of masking tape – so even if it breaks in transport, the shards will not spread. But avoid high-adhesion tapes as the glue can be difficult to remove afterwards. Take care that the tape is only on the glass and not on the frame, so that it does not damage it.

Then pack the board in brown paper or bubble wrap (or both) and use cardboard angles to protect the corners. Place the board in the box and, if there is any space left, fill it with more plastic or paper. Finally, close the box with tape. And that ‘s it!

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