The terms “ecological” and “green” are not new when it comes to sustainable packaging. In fact, over the past 10 years, the entire supply chain has been demanding environmentally friendly packaging with a minimalist design. Why? Because minimalist packaging has proven to have a huge influence on consumers’ purchasing choices.

A survey on sustainable packaging conducted annually by Packaging Digest and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition reveals that 92% of consumers consider minimalist, ecological or biodegradable packaging to be important. The study also indicates that 74% of entrepreneurs emphasize the use of recycled materials in the production of sustainable packaging. So, if you are looking for packaging for your company, take this data into account and check out the tips below.

What is the ideal cardboard box material?

Cardboard is one of the most versatile materials on the packaging market. Compared to plastic, cardboard packaging is not only cheaper, but also more sustainable. In other words, it causes little damage to the environment and can be reused and reused. Unlike plastic, bottles, cans or styrofoam, cardboard and kraft paper can be produced and recycled without the use of many harmful chemicals. Prefer to use plastic (such as bubble wrap) only for very fragile items.

Other cardboard box advantages

Cardboard boxes also offer a number of other advantages that can result in greater profitability for your company. In addition to being cheaper, they also offer a number of customization possibilities. You can purchase packages of the appropriate size for your product and which still include details related to your brand or even printed instructions for use (thus saving on printing other printed materials, such as explanatory brochures).

The boxes are also very light, take up little space (since they come disassembled) and are suitable for an incredible variety of products – from fruits and vegetables to fragile objects. It is exactly this type of product that Racer Boxes offers – if your company needs cardboard boxes suited to your needs in Canada, please talk to us and we can help you in this area.

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