Working on environmental issues can be important for a company for several reasons. Sustainable packaging is not just a way for you to agree with something you believe in and that will contribute to the future of the planet. It is also a solution that meets the new consumer behavior, increasingly aware and updated in relation to environmental agendas.

In addition, it must be said that environmentally friendly solutions are not always the most expensive. On the contrary, they are technologies that have a tendency to achieve the same production cost as the others or even optimize them, increasing profitability.

A conscious company, which is oriented towards cleaner production processes, certainly stands out and has a strong argument to gain supporters: it is a business that is on the side of the consumer when it comes to the fight for a better world.

Why use sustainable packaging?

  • Environmental education: today, a portion of consumers are already aware of environmental issues. On the other hand, there is an ever growing group of people who are still looking for information to understand how to live more sustainably. When a company positions itself as a friend and is willing to bring relevant information and consistency in what it does, this increases the brand appreciation.
  • Recycling: an important issue that should be considered today by companies that sell online is what should be done with the product packaging. By choosing packaging that can be more easily recycled, such as cardboard instead of plastic, you reduce the impact of this sale. This goes for both the outer packaging (the box) and the inner one, when necessary.
  • Economy: do you sell a type of product that is accompanied by an instruction leaflet or some other printed material? In this case, you can consider personalized boxes with instructions printed directly on the inside of the cardboard. In this way, you reaffirm your position in favor of the environment (communicate this on the packaging too! Talk about the reasons for your choice), reinforce your brand positioning, generate less waste and save on prints.

In summary, sustainable packaging is a fundamental trend that companies can use to add value to their products in a simple way. As you have seen, the supplier is a key partner in this strategy, ensuring that the brand really complies with what it is proposing: quality and safety for the consumer and attitudes consistent with an environmentally responsible discourse.

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