As a shipping box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Boxes knows that reliable packaging and shipping is always a good investment. Yet, businesses often waste valuable time and money taking unnecessary steps. To help people streamline the process, Racer Boxes is sharing a list of simple tips, courtesy of Canada Post.

1) Choose the right packaging

Don’t leave unnecessary space, or add excess bulk to fill it out. The size and weight of a package determine the cost, so it pays to be efficient. If there isn’t a standard sized box that quite works, consider having a custom die-cut box made instead.

2) Set up a clear process

Nothing can slow packing down more than uncertainty. Set up a clear, standardized system for how products should be packed, perhaps even using a checklist to ensure employees don’t make mistakes and have to backtrack.

3) Keep your storage organized

Having products organized and packed correctly will save time and money when it comes to shipping. Best-selling items should be within easy reach, and heavy objects should never be high up. Products often sold together should also be kept close together. Label the shelves and the staff will spend far less time hunting for what they need.

4) Prepare for busy sales periods

Aside from the obvious peak periods such as Christmas or Black Friday, companies experience other peak periods in the year (for example, a company selling school supplies would experience a back-to-school peak in August). Get organized in and prepare as much in advance as possible.

5) Invest in quality packing materials

While it might seem tempting to save a few bucks when it comes to boxes and packing materials, consider the lost revenue due to damaged and broken items that come with it. Investing in a quality product might cost more in the short run, but will result in far less loss in the long run. Better packing material means smaller boxes can be used, which will reduce shipping costs.

Racer Boxes offers standardized and custom cardboard boxes for every type of business. With the holiday season around the corner, we recommend ordering your boxes and shipping early to avoid delays. To learn more about purchasing wholesale boxes in Vancouver, contact (604) 270–8205 or

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