It is cliché, but it is the most useful and truthful tip when moving – be organized. Moving is always a hustle, and making it less turbulent, being organized, and having all your moving supplies in hand will be your best allies, and you will not regret it.

Here are some useful tips when moving:

Be prepared: List all things you need for your moving, from supplies to notifying services. Plan the day that you need to inform utilities to discontinue services and supply them in your new address. 

Ensure moving supplies: Make sure you have all and enough moving supplies for your pack. Some of the indispensable ones are tape, shrink wraps, and different sizes of cartons. Have a good idea of your items and their dimensions, so you will have a better idea of what things should be packed in which cartons. 

Plan your packing:

  1. As soon as possible, start packing your things.
  2. Start by packing items that you do not use frequently and will not mess up with your routine.
  3. Move to things that you can put aside one or two pieces and pack all the rest.

By packing ahead, you will save you great time and will make this process less stressful.

Be organized: Make sure to keep your things on track. When packing, tag each carton with keywords of things are inside the box and which room it will go to. This will help you when moving, by leaving the boxes and furniture in the right rooms, avoiding caring weight unnecessarily. 

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