The right choice of packaging for e-commerce plays a strategic role in reducing costs and the customer experience. Much more than protecting goods for transportation, packaging influences the logistics and revenue of your virtual store. In this article, we will talk about the influence of the right packaging for closing orders and building customer loyalty. See how to choose the best options for your online store.

Choose the ideal box material

Cardboard is the most recommended and used material for shipping orders. This material protects the merchandise from possible impacts, water and damage. It can be found in different thicknesses and types of kernels:

* Ordinary cardboard: it is the simplest and cheapest. It has only one wave layer between the layers and is recommended for light products;

* Double-walled cardboard: it is more reinforced than the first. It has two layers of waves between the cardboard layers. It is recommended for sending fragile or heavier products;

* Triple wave cardboard (tri-wall): it is the most resistant of all. There are three layers of waves between the walls. Protects heavier products, such as furniture and large appliances.

In addition, it is possible to find customized models according to the needs of each company.

Weights and Measures

Another point that influences the choice of the right packaging is the measurements and the weight of the products that will be sent. Stores that work with the sale of multiple products, should have a range of options that meet all your shipping needs.

In the case of stores that work with products that follow a pattern of weight and size, as is the case with perfumes and cosmetics, one must invest in specific models.


Personalization is essential, as it directly interferes with the customer’s shopping experience. A personalized packaging gives more value to the product, conveys the concern and care that the brand took in taking care of all stages of the process.


Speaking of caution, the way items are packed and added to boxes also influences the customer’s perception of value. The products must be carefully packed, using bubble wrap, kraft paper or other materials that guarantee their protection.

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