4 Ways to Think “Inside” The Box for Home Decoration

Sorting things around the house can be a difficult task, especially because there are a lot of things that need to be stored properly, coupled with a general lack of space. Here are 4 extraordinary ways to make your house beautiful by thinking “inside” the box:

1 ) The Cardboard Shoe Closet

If you’re a shoe collector, you must have faced the dire tragedy of not having enough room to display your footwear properly. Closets often have limited shoe space, making it very difficult to store shoes and sandals in the appropriate way.

One excellent solution is to keep the shoe inside the shoe box and stack all the shoe boxes on top of each other in your closet. In this way, you can neatly amass a larger number of shoe pairs without creating a mess. What’s better is that you can label each box with the description of the shoe inside it. This makes it easy to pick out the pair you would like to wear.

2) Cardboard Make-up DisplayDisplay Tray Boxes

Where the half-used lip gloss you bought last season go missing is still one of the biggest mysteries confronting mankind. To avoid any such unfortunate losses, stock all your favorite make-up in display boxes that are segregated into smaller compartments. Racer Boxes in Vancouver BC has display boxes and counter trays that can do the job. You can keep eye make-up in one segment and lip glosses in the other and so on. You can neatly place these boxes on top of your dressing table or inside drawers. The same solution applies for jewelry and miniature accessories, such as rings, necklaces, earrings and hair accessories.

3) Cardboard DVD Insert OrganizersInsert Organizer boxes

Many people who like to collect DVD’s, video games or music CD’s often face the trouble of empty covers and wobbly piles of unrecognizable discs disseminated around their room. To sort them out neatly, all you need are Racer Boxes’ insert organizers. These are boxes that work like small drawers. You have a body set that can slide in and out of a sleeve, much like a matchbox. By organizing your DVD’s in the insert organizer, you can avoid the mess around your room and finally arrange your discs according to genre or in chronological order.

4) Cardboard Book Boxes

College students and book worms would know the pain of not having enough bookshelf space in your room. While building shelves can be time consuming and expensive, a cheaper alternative is to have boxes containing all your favorite books and notebooks. You can label these boxes and stack them in one corner of your room. For a better aesthetic appeal, you can decorate the boxes with wrapping paper, paint or stickers.

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