Listening our clients demand and needs, as Vancouver box manufacturer and box printer, now we provide moving and packaging supplies for the Vancouver Area. By listening to our client’s needs, we have expanded our services in providing wholesale supplies to our extended service list. Our high precision quality and service flexibility ensures that we have you covered, for all your custom box needs.


For your moving needs, the corrugated cardboard boxes might be the best solution for packaging because of their lightweight, durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness. Another great advantage of this box is that you can completely recycle it or even repurpose it. Following we will show you other benefits of using cardboard boxes in your move.


Lightweight Cardboard Boxes


Moving is always a hassle even if you are the most organized person, it’s always a time consuming and lot of things going on to pay attention and mind of. One of the things that you need to deal with is the packaging. You must find a solution that will work for your needs instead of creating more problems and being an uncomfortable for you.


Thus, cardboard boxes are the best solution for being a light in weight solution, being easy to carry them around and lift. Moreover, this type of box it’s versatile, allowing you to load, unload and packaging again your belongings.


Affordable option – Cardboard Box Manufacturer


Carboard boxes are also an affordable option for your moving. Instead of renting plastic boxes that are expensive and might not be so effective and efficient, the corrugated cardboard is very effective and inexpensive, keeping your move budget on track.


At Racer Boxes you can choose among different sizes, accordingly to the weight and volume of objects you need to pack.


Safety – Advantages of Using Cardboard Boxes


Other great advantage of using cardboard boxes to your move is to ensure the safety of transporting your belongings. Due to the characteristics of this box, the sheets are double, glued to the liners which makes the cardboard boxes strong and firm, protecting your personal objects.


The cardboard box protects your objects from vibration and mechanical shocks during the transportation, keeping your even your fragile items protected from broking or damaging.


Our Richmond based manufacturing facility produce the highest quality corrugated cardboard boxes. Along with Wholesale Supplies now added to our line of services. Our custom cardboard boxes are precision cut for various sizes, depths, strengths, and uses. Contact us today at (604) 270 – 8205 for all your supplies needs in the Vancouver Area.

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