What Makes a Good Delivery Box?

Delivery boxes come in all shapes and sizes (literally) but you have to choose the one that’s Wholesale Delivery Boxes with Handle Vancouver perfect for your needs. Nowadays, delivery boxes are made up of a variety of different materials, providing you with a much wider choice. However, as the variety increases, customers often find themselves in great confusion. Here is a simplified guideline to help you determine what makes a good delivery box:

  1. Weight to Volume Ratio

While we all want spacious boxes, it should be noted that with the increase in size, boxes also become heavier. This makes handling and transportation costly. But using too many small boxes can come out to be very expensive. As a result, you need to make sure that your delivery box offers the optimum weight to volume ratio. This means that it should be roomy enough to hold everything without being too heavy.

  1. Environment Friendly

If you’re a responsible citizen, you will probably care about the environment. Good delivery boxes should be environment friendly. Racer Boxes’ cardboard boxes are greener than their plastic counterparts and can be recycled and reused. Since boxes are often used in bulk, it is important to choose a box that has been sourced responsibly.

  1. Strength & Robustness

A good box should also be strong enough to reduce the impact of rough handling so that the contents can be saved from damage, especially in the case of fragile goods or food products. In many cases, delivery boxes are stacked one on top of the other and have to undergo bumpy rides along long distances. The box that you choose must have shock-proof qualities and should protect from other damaging factors in the environment, such as humidity or heat.

  1. Value for Money

A good delivery box will give you great value for money. But being low on price and high on functionality, Racer Boxes corrugated cardboard boxes prove to highly cost-effective. They turn out to be cheap for the customer since they can be bought in bulk, which reduces the per-piece price of the boxes. Racer Boxes cardboard cartons can also be reused, thus reducing the cost even further.

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