We are always talking about the importance of custom cardboard boxes for the marketing of a brand here in the Racer Boxes blog. That’s because using boxes with your logo and colors is a simple action, but it makes a good impression with customers. Furthermore, it is a way to reinforce your brand with your audience. But do you know how custom box printing works? It’s exactly what we’ll talk about in today’s post, where we’ll explain a little about flexographic printing.

Flexographic printing for custom boxes

Flexography is a rotary printing method. For this process, a rubber or photopolymer plate with an embossed image is used. The printing system is direct and made with fast drying liquid inks (water or solvent based). To obtain color, pigment or dye can be used. Inspired by woodcuts, the flexographic system is similar to a stamp, in which only the areas that are in high relief will receive ink.


Flexography is indicated for printing texts, photos and images on paper, corrugated cardboard, plastics, raffia bags, ceramics and much more. In other words, it is a very versatile way of printing that allows different jobs. In addition to the aforementioned advantage over the ability to print various types of materials, flexography has very fast drying. You don’t have to wait hours for the paints to be good. The risk of smudging, staining or spoiling the work is very small.

Custom Boxes in Vancouver

Racer Boxes works with flexographic printing in the Vancouver area. So, if you need custom boxes for your business, please let us know. We have two printers available that print in up to three colors and in a range of sizes. Printing plates are quoted separately, as production costs, based on the size of the artwork to be printed on the boxes. We can help you with your needs – we produce a wide variety of cardboard box types. To contact us, click here

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