Sustainable businesses are mandatory in the economy of today. Customers, vendors, clients, and most of the supply chain are aware and making changes to adapt their business for more sustainable strategies to preserve the environment for future generations.

To have an environmentally friendly box is part of business strategies, and we from Racer Boxes, an experienced box manufacturer in Vancouver, are ready to support your business to step up and adopt sustainable resources for your business, such as the cardboard boxes.

Cardboard is the Best Sustainable Option

The primary source of cardboard boxes are wood, and most of this source comes from managed forests which are sustainable practices in the industry. When you choose a cardboard box for your business, you are also opting for a sustainable resource that contributes to reducing carbon emissions and improves the protection of old-growth forests.

Moreover, cardboard boxes are biodegradable, which contributes to the decomposition of it when disposed of properly.

Cardboard is Recyclable

As we mentioned, cardboard boxes are biodegradable, making it relatively easy to recycle when disposed of properly. When you choose a cardboard box as your packaging alternative for your business, you choose an eco-friendly custom box.

The cardboard composition is comparatively easy to recycle. A large number of the basic corrugated cardboard boxes in use nowadays are manufactured from mostly recycled paper and cardboard materials.

Recycling reduces the amount of energy needed to produce new boxes, as it also saves space in landfills. Moreover, if the cardboard is recycled in the same location that you have your business and you buy from the box manufacturer, your business also reduces the energy consumed from transportation.

Finally, cardboard boxes also can be reusable, avoiding the waste of single-use products. The boxes’ structures are well developed, and if the previous use was a regular one, the cardboard box might be in good shape to be reused or repurposed. Also, it is easy to manage and dismantle it, being easy to store in any place, saving space until the next use.

Is your business ready for sustainable market demands? You can count on Racer Boxes, an experienced and high-qualified box manufacturer in Vancouver, to provide to your business the best boxes solutions.

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