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3 Tips to Boost Efficiency for Vancouver E-commerce Businesses

If you’re a company with a product and sales are online, efficiency in getting your product to your customer is one the biggest components of your business. Here are three tips on how to increase your efficiency in ecommerce shipping:

1. Manage your shipping account online

Whether its UPS, FedEx or any private shipping company, registering your company’s information on an online account will save you time and reduce the chances of misinformation by being able to store your information ahead of time. Online accounts with such shipping companies can allow you to also track delivery and offer enhanced services for online customers only.

2. Standardize procedures

Once you have an standardized system of procedures down pat, your company will reap the benefits of organization and efficiency. This goes for all departments, but especially for shipping, this will also eliminate the chance for errors after repeated practice.

3. Keep a variety of delivery boxes on hand

Be prepared for dispatch at anytime! Shipping either requires an envelope or a box. Envelops are more easy to obtain in emergencies, but its smart to plan ahead and prepare by keeping in stock a variety of Stock Cartons and Delivery Boxes on hand when orders need to be sent out as soon as possible. Always be ready to ship an order!

For preparation, contact Racer Boxes to arrange for a variety of boxes on hand. Your customers are sure to appreciate the increased efficiency of your ecommerce business with these great tips!

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