In a world where businesses often prioritize profits, Rayacom Group BC, the name behind Racer Boxes, Rayacom Premium Print, Horseshoe Press, and Pacific Custom Die, stands out as a company that values its people above all else. This commitment to fostering a people-centric culture was beautifully exemplified at the group’s recent end-of-year celebration, where the spirit of togetherness, recognition, and genuine appreciation filled the air.

Rayacom Group – A Night of Celebration and Appreciation

The event, which brought together employees from various divisions of Rayacom Group, was a testament to the company’s belief that taking care of its people leads to remarkable business outcomes. The Director of Operations for BC, Richy Escolar Chua, articulated this philosophy succinctly: “Take care of the people, and they will take care of your business.”

Honoring Excellence

One of the highlights of the evening was the recognition of outstanding individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the success of Rayacom Group’s divisions. Awards were presented to those who stood out for their leadership, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

  • Leadership Award: Christian Nalda of Rayacom Group’s Corrugated Division, known as Racer Boxes, received this prestigious award, acknowledging his high expertise in corrugated boxes, self-motivation, and contribution to the improvements and efficiencies of the team
  • People’s Choice Award: Brad Witt of Rayacom Group’s Premium Print Division, Rayacom Premium Print, was honored with the People’s Choice Award, reflecting his helpfulness and impact among peers
  • Manager’s Choice Awards: Johnny Lam and Leonard Alulod of Rayacom Premium Print, and Jeffrey Garibay of Racer Boxes were recognized by their managers for the level of commitment and quality to thier work
  • Presidential Choice Award: Erika Yen of Rayacom Premium Print was bestowed with the Presidential Choice Award, reflecting her exceptional dedication to the company’s values

Games, Prizes, and Surprises

The celebration was not just about formalities; it was a night of fun, camaraderie, and surprises. Attendees were treated to a series of exciting games with attractive prizes for both winners and participants. The winners received prizes that added an extra layer of joy to the festivities.

The evening also marked significant milestones for two individuals. Douglas Loucks, with 15 years of dedicated service to the company, bid farewell as he embarked on a well-deserved retirement. Harpreet Bawa celebrated her 25th birthday amidst the cheerful gathering, and she was pleasantly surprised with a birthday cake.

Truly, Rayacom Group has exemplified putting people first.

Program Highlights

The event flowed seamlessly, thanks to a meticulously planned program:

The evening commenced with the arrival of attendees at 7:00 PM.

Robin Abraham, RayaVan Manager, and Michelle Hung, Racer Manager, set the stage for the night’s festivities with their welcome speeches.

A delectable buffet opened at 7:45 PM, satisfying the culinary desires of all in attendance.

The program continued with speeches from Rayacom management group, thanking the people for a significant growth in 2023.

Operations Manager, David Benza, followed by thanking the team and highlighting the company’s achievements and vision for 2024.

Games, with cash prizes, kept the excitement alive throughout the evening.

The night featured captivating dance performance by the first-ever, thus birthing, the Rayacom Dance Crew, with its pioneering members, Jennifer Lee, Julieta Juarez, Mark Staley, and its Captain Shawn Dang.

Farewell to Douglas Loucks included a thoughtful gift and an award plaque, celebrating his years of dedicated service.

Motivational speeches by Mark Staley and a closing speech by Richy Chua added a sense of purpose and inspiration to the gathering.

The night concluded with a birthday cake to celebrate Harpreet Bawa’s 25th birthday.

Conclusion: A Night to Remember

Rayacom Group’s end-of-year celebration was more than just an event; it was a testament to the company’s commitment to its people, a celebration of excellence, and a memorable night filled with joy, appreciation, and camaraderie. As Rayacom Group continues to thrive, it does so with its people at the heart of its success.

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