Re-using Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes (or stock cartons) are great for packing and storing goods. Most of the time though, they are only used once! With still ample life in your cardboard boxes before they head to the recycling bin, consider these 10 things you can do with your cardboard boxes:

 10 Ways to Make Use of Old Cardboard Boxes

  1. A small cutout of cardboard can act as a sturdy writing surface or makeshift clipboard. Its surface is also easy to write on as a substitute for paper
  2. You can also use cardboard to protect from the sun, or alternatively use it to increase your sun exposure by making a tin foil wrapped sun tanning shield
  3. Particularly corrugated cardboard boxes can be extra handy shelter, and used as a temporary umbrella for rain
  4. Second-hand cardboard is also useful for sorting or storage, for example, for produce or office supplies
  5. And in the winter as a sled in snow. Cardboard is also great as a sled on grass or down stairs
  6. They are also great material to keep around for school science projects
  7. Creative kids can use cardboard boxes to make dollhouses, spaceships, racecars, forts, robots, and you name it
  8. Cardboard is great for the pets! Use it as pet bedding or as a litter box for the cat
  9. Use your old cardboard box as protection when moving appliances or as a mat for working under the car, which will also work well to catch oil
  10. Cardboard is also a great heat protectant for hot items or as a drink coaster

Ordering New Wholesale Boxes in Vancouver

With these useful secondhand ideas in mind, corrugated cardboard is certainly a good investment that can last beyond one use. For wholesale cardboard box inquires and custom box orders, contact Racer Boxes at 604-270-8205 or online here.

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