Buying Hand Shrink Wrap in Bulk from Racer Boxes

While Racer Boxes is a box manufacturing and printing company, many of our customers appreciate the convenience and the added value of buying their palate wrap wholesale through us along with their order of wholesale cardboard boxes. The combination makes sense, as many of our customers that order wholesale shipping boxes also need to go through large amounts of hand shrink wrap.

One of things we always try to do is provide exceptional service and that’s why we started adding wholesale warehouse and shipping products such as bulk cases of packing tape and pallet wrap, along with pallet wrap dispensers and other products that go along naturally with our cardboard box manufacturing and sales services.

Surprisingly, not everyone in business knows the value of palate wrap, having worked in manufacturing myself for many years I’ve worked with warehousing and shipping companies that either don’t use palate wrap at all or with those that use it incorrectly to the extent of completely negating its utility.

In this post, we are going look at why every business should be using pallet wrap to secure their pallets for shipment. And we will then move onto how to use pallet wrap effectively to reduce costs and liability.

Why Every Shipper Should Buy Pallet Wrap

Wrapping pallets is a critical step in preparing a shipment of boxes or other items and securing those items to a pallet for transportation.  In the most basic sense, pallet wrap is just plastic film on a roll – like kitchen wrap – but it’s a much different beast than the plastic wrap used in kitchens. It’s industrial strength, covers a larger surface area in a single pass, and engineered specifically to contain and protect shipping items.

Pallet wrapping — when done correctly with a Pallet Wrap Dispenser with built in tensioner — effectively turns a collection of pails, rolls, or stacked boxes into a single stable unit and secures all the boxes onto the pallet. Even with miss-matched sizes and shapes, pallet wrap ensures that nothing slides off the pallet and potentially damages your products, property, or any staff during the regular course of warehousing and shipping of your goods. It won’t protect your products from serious accidents, impacts, or fires, but if a forklift driver nearing the end of his shift takes a turn to quickly, it could well mean the difference between your products staying nicely packed and stacked on the pallet and having your products hurled across the warehouse — potentially impacting other property or people.

It’s like a passenger seatbelt for your products, it can prevent your cargo from turning into projectiles. In terms of liability and costs, the damage from putting it on can cost a lot less than recovering from a disaster. So, if your products are shipped on pallets or stacked on pallets and lifted around the warehouse, pallet wrap can save you a lot of headache and expense from damages resulting for moving insecure pallets.

Stay Tuned for Part Two: How to Wrap a Pallet for Shipment.

Buy your Pallet Wrap Wholesale in Richmond BC

If you are looking to save on your Pallet Wrap purchases you can buy them wholesale (at 4 rolls per case) from Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing in Vancouver BC. To place an order, call us today at (604) 270 – 8205.

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