Cardboard packaging is no longer only a piece of paper to hold a product. Cardboard packaging is a great media to enhance your brand and build a strong and memorable relationship between your business and your customers. As a Vancouver box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes creates customized wholesale boxes for businesses across the lower mainland.


Stock Carton Boxes – Vancouver Box Manufacturer

Stock cartons boxes are ranked as the top shipment packaging of choice for small and large businesses. This is due to the great features of this model being durable, light, and usually inexpensive to acquire. Another advantage is the possibility to personalize the sizes that fit better for your business’ needs.


Due to these incredible features, it is possible to leverage your company marketing strategy by using the cardboard box as a media to highlight your brand. Racer Boxes can easily customize your cardboard box order with your business’ logo and messaging, in an affordable and effective way.


By leveraging your shipment box with printing your brand and message, your company incorporates this asset in the marketing toolkit, transforming a simple box in a media that demonstrate value and respect to your customers.


When your customer receives your shipment in a nice and neat cardboard box, immediately your company shows how serious, responsible and mindful with your valuable customers. The personalized box creates a great impression on your customer, grabbing his attention and consideration.


Vancouver Custom Stock Carton Boxes Manufacturer

Choose wisely and don’t waste time, money and opportunity to leverage your business. Customized stock cartons boxes are an affordable and easy choice for your business. As a Vancouver wholesale box manufacturer, we can help you to build and print the boxes to get your goods delivered with style. You have a range of options to customize box sizes and print with suitable brand imagery.


For different models of cardboard boxes, Racer Boxes can provide solutions to leverage your merchandise in an affordable investment. Learn how by calling (604) 270-8205 or email




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