It is undoubtedly that cardboard boxes are the most efficient packaging material, mainly for shipping products. However, boxes can be better used, repurposing them. For example, shipped boxes can be used as a storage container to keep your personal belongings organized. But, if the box has no use for you, it is also possible to recycle it.

As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, Racer Boxes recognize that we need to take care of our environment and support sustainable attitudes to a better future. One of the biggest benefits of using cardboard boxes for shipping is that business can save money while avoiding more waste in landfills once these boxes can be recycled.



How to Prepare Your Stock Card Box for Recycling

Usually, alongside with the desired product, most of stock card boxes used for shipping contain items to protect the product such as bubble wraps, plastic bags, packing peanuts, and Styrofoam. It is possible to reuse all of these extra packing materials, mainly to help you to storage personal belongings. Another alternative is to reuse bubble wraps in your garden as a plant insulator. Or you can even donate the packing peanuts to a shipping store or exchange them in a store discount.


If none of these alternatives suits for you, you can recycle them to avoid polluting the environment. More than being a conscientious person, you are helping to decrease the waste in the landfills, by giving a proper destination to recycle them correctly.


The stock card box can be recycled by giving another purpose to it in your home. You can use as an organizer or even storage to keep your garage organized and clean. Kids also can enjoy shipping boxes, transforming them in a house, a car, a boat, and whatever their imagination creates. Finally, when the box is almost done, you can still give the right destiny by recycling it. Remember to remove tapes, staples, and any other fastener, and then, collapse the box.


Racer Boxes produces high-quality and personalized stock card box that perfectly suit to your business demand. Our team is highly skilled and can manufacture a great variety of boxes models to support clients’ needs. Get in touch with one of our members to find the best solution for your wholesale cardboard box needs in the Vancouver area. Call us at (604) 270-8205 or send us an email to

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