Black Friday is gone, as well Cyber Monday and all the hustle of this time for businesses, mainly shipping their products to all different locations, is almost settled. However, many companies need to be well prepared to handle all the orders for the holidays.

As a Vancouver box manufacturer, we got you covered with all your cardboard boxes’ needs for your businesses. Racer Boxes has a variety of cardboard boxes that you can choose from accordingly to your packaging and shipping needs.

Not only you can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and folds; you can also customize your boxes. Our Richmond based manufacturing facility produces the highest quality corrugated cardboard boxes with high definition printing services in-house. Therefore, you can rest assure that your cardboard box will be made with a precision cut for your specific measurements of size, depth, and the outstanding quality with strength and multiple uses.

Besides the size of your cardboard box, it is also possible to give more personality to your box and print your brand logo on them, which also increases brand recognition and customers’ favorable perception about your business. You can get colorful boxes with our in-house box printer. Most important, you can customize your boxes with our high-quality printing services, which is beneficial for packaging solutions, labeling, branding, and gift boxes.

As we know that this time of the year might be the busiest one for your businesses, we try to make your life easy when it comes to supply your operations to keep running and do not lose money and time. You can contact us through our email at, requesting a quote, or even making your order if you already know the model box you want.

Make sure to get ready and full supplied to handle all the holidays’ hustle. Contact our team today at (604) 270-8205 for all your wholesale custom cardboard box services in the Vancouver area.

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