When it comes to have the best cost benefit of packaging to stand out your small business of the crowd, the team at Racer Boxes knows your needs as a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver with many years in the industry.


With a variety of boxes models, Racer Box and printing manufacturing can support your business to strive by offering exceptional solutions for your companies’ needs including low, mid and high volume requirements and, most important, still keeping affordable prices and superior quality.


One great way to set your business apart from the competitors is through your packaging. To make sure to be remarkable and in mind and hearts of your customers, to leave a great impression is essential. You can do this with a printed stock cartons box, a great affordable solution which will allow your small business to even compete against the bigger budget rivals having a customized packaging.


A custom printed cardboard box can help your small business to build better brand awareness among your customers, make a great impression with your audience providing reliability to your business reputation, and effectively communicate with your customers about your brand and your values.


At Racer Boxes, you can completely customize your printed cardboard box. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes of boxes that you can choose the best option that will suit your business and support your needs. It is possible to personalize your logo, choosing the color, image, and font that you want to print in the box.


If you want to go beyond and be more creative, you can also think about to customize the interior of the box. To enhance the experience of your customers, you can print small messages with graphics, and your logo inside the box, to communicate in a different and fun way with your customers.


Are you ready to set your business apart by getting colourful and meaningful customers experiences with a printed box? As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, we can help you to choose and make this impact, printing your boxes as you like. With a high quality printed box, you can ensure perfect packaging, labeling, branding, and customer satisfaction.


Start your business brand awareness and reputation by customizing your box printing with the highly qualified team at Racer Boxes. Call us to quote your project at (604) 270-8205 or send us an email at

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