As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, the team at Racer Printing and Box Manufacturing knows exactly what you need for boxes when you are moving. If you find yourself in this exact situation in looking for boxing up your household items, we can help you.

In this situation, a great option for your moving could be folding stock carton boxes once these boxes are lightweight and reusable, bringing many other benefits.

These boxes not only are lightweight but are easy to handle. During your packaging sessions to move from another home, you might find your boxes quite heavy due to all items that you put inside the box, so in this situation, you do not need extra weight to your journey. By choosing stock carton boxes you will have the freedom of loading and unloading your items in a versatile way, accordingly to your needs.

Different Sizes of Boxes in Vancouver

Another great advantage of using stock carton boxes to your moving is the variety of sizes that Racer Boxes can provide to you. Whether you need a stock carton box to pack large pieces of furniture or appliances or small pieces of decorative objects, you can feel relieved for having all options to accommodate your needs.

The stock carton boxes come in a variety of length, width, depth, and strength that might adjust to your moving packaging needs. In addition, you can feel confident with the packaging due to the high quality of the corrugated cardboard boxes.

Stock Carton Boxes are Affordable and Reusable

Moving is expensive, and you need to optimize your costs. As a wholesale box manufacturer in Vancouver, our company can provide affordable cardboard options for you and your budget.

By moving by yourself and counting with the help of some best friends and family, you can reuse your stock carton boxes as many times and trips as you need. Since these boxes are folded, you can simply fold them back and store in a minimal space before reusing them again.

You can count on Racer Boxes to choose the right stock carton boxes as your packing option to protect your personal items and transport them from one location to another with safety.


Racer Boxes team is highly skilled in producing all solutions of cardboard boxes in Vancouver. We offer flexible delivery options, affordable pricing, and superior quality. Want better options? Call us at (604) 270-8205 or email us


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