Did you know that most consumers prefer companies that work with cardboard packaging? At least that’s what a survey with 2,000 US consumers in 2020 indicates – it was made by Toluna, a company responsible for online opinion polls. Paper and cardboard packaging were voted the participants’ favorites, especially because of the possibility of composting (according to 69% of people), for being less harmful to the environment (66%) and for being easier to be recycled (51%).

In addition to cardboard, glass packaging was also frequently mentioned, especially because it offers the possibility of reuse (36%) and because it better protects certain types of products (29%).

Why Choose Cardboard?
In addition to the data presented above, this same survey also points to some issues related to consumer behavior. More than half of the participants (57%) say they are taking measures to reduce the consumption of plastic packaging. And most impressive: 36% said they avoid companies that ship products in non-recyclable plastic packaging. And nearly half of consumers – 44% – said they thought non-recyclable packaging should be discouraged via higher taxes.

In addition to the percentages mentioned above, the survey mentioned several attributes that made cardboard boxes considered the favorite material by consumers. They are: easy to recycle, lighter, easier to open and close, cheaper, safer, more practical, better for the environment, compostable, easier to store, better brand image and better product information.

And Those Who Buy Packages Online? 

Consumers who shop online also prefer cardboard packaging – specifically 57%. In addition, another fact draws a lot of attention: 70% of consumers said they prefer their purchases to be delivered in packages of the appropriate size for the purchased product, neither large nor small. One more reason to go for custom-sized boxes according to the product sold.

What Does This Indicate?

The data presented in the survey indicate that packaging plays an important role in these consumers’ purchase decisions. In other words, the choice of packaging should be more than just a decision thought internally – it reflects the image that your company wants to convey to its customers. Environmental issues will continue to gain relevance in the coming years and consumers will increasingly be well informed and willing to make choices that are less harmful to the environment.

So, if you were still in doubt about the material for your company’s packaging, maybe these indicators are the necessary argument for choosing cardboard ones.

Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

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