Do you sell fresh products such as vegetables, fruits or even other fresh food and plant seedlings? Currently, this is a segment that has been growing a lot – small producers are increasingly selling their products not only at specific markets but also directly to consumers, especially via social networks.

And if products need specific packaging to reach their buyers intact, that’s even more important in the case of fresh food, right? If this is your case, check below the main advantages of investing in specific packaging for using produce boxes.

1. Fresh products

The main advantage of produce boxes made for fruits, vegetables and plant seedlings is that they were designed specifically for this type of product. In this case, they have holes in specific places to allow air circulation. This guarantees the longevity of the products, which stay fresh for longer. In addition, the design is also thought to facilitate shipping and handling.

2. Reusable and recyclable

Depending on the type of product to be stored in them, this is a type of box that can easily be reused. In addition, because it is made of cardboard, it is also more easily recycled. In other words, it is a more ecologically correct alternative to plastic packaging.

3. Customizable

On top of this, the fruit and vegetable cardboard produce boxes can also be personalized with instructions or company logo. This helps both in marketing – as it helps to strengthen the brand – and in terms of sustainability. This is because if your company sells to the final public, for example, you can take the opportunity to include a specific recipe or instruction in the box itself. It’s a nice way to communicate with your customers without having to print extra material, such as a brochure, that would likely be lost.

And if you are looking for specific boxes for vegetables, fruits or plants in the Vancouver area, please let us know. Racer Boxes is a wholesale box manufacturer that can help you with your needs in this area. Please contact us by phone (604-270-8205) or email for a free quote.

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