Working with perishable products requires special attention when it comes to packaging. The transportation of vegetables and fruits from farmers to the customers might be tragic if you do not have the appropriate produce box to make the transportation.

We from Racer Boxes have the expertise and knowledge to develop the best and most appropriated produce boxes in Vancouver and Area, designed to ship fresh vegetables, fruits, bean sprouts, blueberries, cherries, and other products.

We are ready to offer the best boxes solutions for perishable agricultural products like fruits and vegetables. Our high quality produce boxes are well designed to maintain the freshness and quality for farmers and retailers of fine foods.

Some of our produce boxes include die-cut holes in strategic places to promote optimal airflow to ensure the freshness of perishable products, enhancing the longevity besides allowing easy handling.

The produce boxes are available in different sizes to accommodate your business needs and demands, specifically for each type of food. And, if you want to bring more personality and enhance your marketing strategy, we can also offer customized print, reflecting your company logo and specific designs.

To find out which produce box is the best option for your food business, contact our highly skilled boxes manufacturers team in Vancouver at 604-270-8205 or

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