Most people share a single concern when sending a package—will it get there in one piece? Was it packed to tightly or loosely? Maybe the address might get confused with another label, or the tape will come apart? Well, stressing about a potential scenario is no help at all. Instead, we’ve come up with seven box shipping tips to help you mail with confidence.

1 – Remove Any Old Labels

The last thing you want is for someone at the post office or parcel service to hold the box the wrong way and see the wrong address. If you’re re-using a box and it has old labels on it, peel them off, or thoroughly cross them out with a black Sharpie. The same goes for any bar codes you might see. These days a handler is more likely to scan a bar code than read the label.

2 – Tape it Right. Tape it Tight. Make an H.

If you don’t want your package coming undone mid-trip, you have to tape it right. The H-tape method is where you don’t just tape down the middle, but along the sides as well, sealing the top up tight and leaving no room for movement. Make sure you’ve made an H on the top and bottom and you should be in good shape!

3 – Don’t Cheap Out on Tape

That bargain tape you got might not have what it takes to keep your package together. You want a plastic or reinforced tape that is specifically designed for packages (2 inches wide preferably) and is able to take at least 60lbs. Using regular home tape, such as Scotch or masking tape, is just asking for an accident to happen.

4 – Lessons from a Russian Nesting Doll

If you’ve got something especially fragile, consider putting your box inside a box. First nest your precious item in a box with your packing materials (ie foam peanuts), then get a larger box (at least 6 inches larger on all sides) and put that box inside it, also stuffed with packing material. Pack it tight in both boxes—restricting movement is the key to the cushioning effect.

5 – Using Newspaper? Beware of what it’s up against!

There’s nothing wrong with using crumpled newspaper to pack materials in. For many, it’s a means of recycling something they have on hand. But be mindful of the fact that ink can rub off onto other surfaces, so make sure it’s not going to smudge on something important.

6 – Provide an Inside Label or Business Card

Sometimes the unthinkable happens, and a package is damaged or the label is otherwise made unreadable. Adding a second label along with shipping information to the contents, or even just a business card, will allow the shipper to still deliver the package, or at least get in touch with you if there is a problem.

7 – Take Advantage of Tracking Services

All major shippers offer free tracking these days, so make use of it. You can track its progress online or get updates sent directly to you via email or text. This is by far the easiest way to get some piece of mind if you or an impatient client is waiting for your package to reach its destination.

With a little care, you can help make sure your package will arrive at its intended destination exactly as intended. At Racer Boxes, we can reduce packaging and overhead costs by manufacturing custom box sizes specific to your needs. Forget about unnecessary oversize costs and extra padding. Combine these helpful box shipping tips with the right sized box to keep items safe and secure.


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