With the start of November, the holiday and gift giving countdown is officially underway. As a wholesale cardboard box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes has compiled a blog of useful delivery tips. For anyone who has ever stressed about a gift arriving intact and on time, these simple suggestions from Canada Post can help keep the season jolly.

Shipping Package Tips


  • Double Check That Address


Make sure the complete address is printed clearly and located on the largest side of the package. Don’t neglect the postal code, which assists with the sorting process.


  • Confirm the Postage


Since shipping rates depend on the size and weight of a parcel, as well as the destination, channel your inner Santa and check it twice. The Canada Post mobile app (or is a convenient resource for gift givers who need a little extra help. To avoid overpaying, stop in at the local post office and get help from a trained customer service agent. For commercial enterprises that may be shipping large volumes during the holiday season (or any other time) a cardboard box manufacturer like  Racer Boxes can create  custom box sizes to help minimize freight charges.


  • Keep Deadlines in Mind


Canada Post provides a convenient list of dates as a general guideline for holiday mail:


Canada: Make sure any parcels are in the mail by Dec. 10th at the latest. Local cards should be mailed by Dec. 19th while any out of province deliveries should be en route by Dec 17th.


US: Send parcels by Dec. 10th, and cards by Dec. 14th.


International: This varies greatly depending on the destination. As a general rule, allow about a month for  parcels, and three weeks for cards. This, of course, is for the most cost-effective delivery. Remember that premium mailing services cab shorter delivery times, so don’t panic too much if a deadline is missed. Ask a customer service agent for their recommendation if time is at a premium..


  • Packaging


Wrapping paper looks great on gifts but it’s not ideal for shipping. If the delicate paper tears away taking an address with it, there’s going to be a problem. Avoid loose paper and string or ribbons that can get caught in processing machines! Instead put the fancy wrapping inside serviceable brown paper packaging or a cardboard box and secure with packing tape.


As Vancouver’s wholesale box manufacturer, the team at Racer Boxes ell wholesale cardboard boxes at affordable pricing and superior quality for low, mid, and high volume requirements. To learn more about wholesale carboard box services in Vancouver, call (604) 270 – 8205

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