Custom cardboard boxes have been used by all kinds of companies for decades to send dreams anywhere. These sturdy boxes can take impact to protect their contents from damage – it’s an effective, lightweight way to ship items even overseas.

While technological advances have changed many aspects of our daily lives, cardboard boxes continue to serve the industry very well and fulfill their role. And if you have a company in which this type of packaging is used, such as e-commerce, for example, you may have already wondered if it’s worth choosing packages with custom sizes or the best is to use standard sizes.

With that in mind, we prepared this list of five items that indicate that yes, choosing packaging according to your product can be a great idea.

Personalized cardboard boxes: Reasons to choose

1. Right-sized packaging makes financial sense

Very large boxes for small items require a greater amount of additional material to prevent damage to the contents. Over time, this increase in weight and unnecessary consumption can generate significant costs for companies and can increase the environmental impact of their operations. By choosing custom shipping boxes, companies can more easily manage packaging for a wide range of items, keeping costs at a reasonable level.

2. Dimensional weight prices

Almost all large cargo carriers and package delivery companies now use dimensional weight pricing for their shipments. So the bigger the box and the weight, the bigger the amount you will have to shell out, so choosing a suitable box for the products can reduce the shipping cost.

3. Positive impression

Custom boxes can make a good impression on consumers. Good quality and visually appealing boxes can provide valuable support for your branding, increasing the perceived value of your products among those most likely to buy them again in the future. Boxes that act as display cases also help to reinforce your brand value at retail displays.

4. Extra advertising

Custom boxes can be printed to carry marketing messages. Taking advantage of this little-explored opportunity, companies can be more easily remembered by consumers later. And whoever is most remembered also tends to sell more.

5. Fast logistics

Having a good stock of custom boxes available for your product can help make orders reach consumers faster. After all, the logistics get faster as well. Also, when negotiating with your supplier for a larger quantity of boxes, you will most likely pay less for the lot.

Custom Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

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