If the cardboard box is important for consumers to receive their online purchases intact, when it comes to buying bottles, it is essential! It is much more difficult to ship a bottle of wine, for example, than to ship an item of clothing or a cosmetic product, even though the importance of packaging in all cases is the same.

And contrary to popular belief, there is no standardized cardboard packaging model for glass bottles. This is because the beverage market works with a wide variety of bottle shapes, diameters and heights.

So, if you have an online store that sells bottles of wine, beer, champagne or any other drink, you’ve probably already faced this dilemma: “after all, what kind of packaging do I need?”. It was with this in mind that we created this post.

Cardboard box for bottles

First, before placing an order for packaging with your supplier, review your database where you record sales. Do your customers usually buy just one bottle or more than one? Are your deliveries made via postal service/carrier (which requires more robust packaging) or is it more local shipping, to the same city (which can be done by local couriers)? These are the data that will guide your packaging order.

Also, if you sell wine, for example, you can think of promotions to encourage your customers to buy more than one bottle at a time. That’s because boxes for six bottles, for example, are easier to find.

What to take into account

In addition to the box itself, shipping bottles requires honeycomb internal accessories, also made of cardboard. They help to protect the bottles during the transport and storage process. In general, these accessories are also made of cardboard – the important thing is that they are slightly rigid, to prevent the bottles from bumping into each other.

In this case, you can plan your order for boxes and honeycombs according to your customer profile – for two, four or, in general, up to six boxes. And from there, you can make variable combinations filling the boxes with bottles, honeycombs and kraft paper (in case the box doesn’t get full).

Canada box manufacturer

Finally, one last tip: have a professional and reliable cardboard box supplier. There’s nobody better to help you define the best formats and sizes to be used to protect your product. Any questions, please contact our technical team and we can help you in this mission. We are at your disposal

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