Holiday Boxes

Get Ready for Holiday Orders, Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes


The leaves have gone and the season is shifting over to winter. It’s the time of year pumpkin spice, early Christmas preparations, and perhaps a bit of cleaning before friends and family come over for a visit. It’s time to make way for a new season.

Custom Printed Boxes for Holiday & Seasonal Themes

Label-makers and thick black permanent markers will be a handy sidekick in your organization. And for festive and seasonal use, consider our box printing services where we can print decorations or anything on your custom boxes. Custom printed holiday or Christmas themed delivery boxes are great for e-commerce, packaging, & delivery boxes, including Holiday Bakery Boxes and Christmas Themed Delivery Boxes.

Standard Folding Boxes for Organizing & Storage

Our standard folding boxes are ideal for storing out-of-season goods. Neatly pack them away for the winter till summer rolls around again, because now it’s time to bring out the wool.

Speaking of wool, our standard folding boxes are great for keeping winter blankets and Christmas decorations in the flip months.

Last year we published an article on our blog about How to Organize with Corrugated Cardboard. We spoke about how easy it is to accumulate stuff and the trend for getting sidetracked and accumulating even more stuff in the act of trying to get organized.

Its smart to plan ahead and prepare by keeping in stock a variety of Stock Cartons and Delivery Boxes. When it comes to getting organized, we find that the best way to be efficient and really save money and time is to have a simple organization strategy and a couple dozen cardboard boxes.

Our cardboard boxes are also great for day-to-day storage, such as for keeping sports equipment or party hosting supplies organized.

Contact Racer Boxes to arrange the boxes you need for this upcoming holiday season. Call us at 604-270-8205 or contact us online anytime for your affordable, high quality delivery cardboard boxes – made any way you like!

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