If you have a company that uses cardboard boxes on a daily basis – it could be for product storage, e-commerce packaging or a grocery shop that delivers fruits and vegetables, for example – you may have already wondered if these packages have expiration date. After all, this is a very used type of material – if purchased in large quantities, it can save your company’s money. But is it worth it? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

How long do the cardboard boxes last?

There is no standard that specifies or requires the inclusion of an expiration date on corrugated cardboard boxes. Through studies and observations, however, it was possible to reach a consensus that, under ideal conditions (with controlled temperature and humidity), they last up to two years. Some factors can promote changes in this estimate, such as the relative humidity of the air, the temperature of the environment in which it is stored, the way it is stacked, the quality of the corrugated cardboard used in the manufacture of the boxes, the adequate dimension of the packaging in relation to the product, between others.

How to store cardboard boxes?

In order to give more durability to the boxes in stock, it is necessary, in the first place, to know how this storage will be. This includes the characteristics of the product and its storage location. If there is stacking, for example, it is necessary to know how many boxes it will be, whether it will be columnar or crossed and how long this material will be stored. In this way, understanding the entire process that the package will go through until it reaches the final consumer, it is possible to make an adequate and more durable planning.

Based on this information, your corrugated cardboard box supplier will have knowledge of the entire process that the box will face until it reaches the final consumer and will be able to identify the most suitable type of material for each operation. That is why it is extremely important that your supplier knows the process that the cardboard box will face in order to consider all the problems (and, of course, how to avoid them). It’s much better to do good packaging development than to have problems with your customer, don’t you think?

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Finally, one last tip: have a professional and reliable supplier of cardboard boxes and establish a closer relationship with him. There’s nobody better to help you define the best materials to use and the best way to store your packaging. If you have any questions, please contact our technical team and we can help you in this mission. We are at your disposal.

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