Cardboard boxes are one of the most essential items used as packaging in the storage and transport of goods. So how did the cardboard boxes we know today get their origin? That’s what we will know in this post from Racer Boxes a Canada Box Manufacturer.

Cardboard boxes were invented in China

The beginnings of the cardboard box date back to China 3.000 to 4.000 years ago. The Chinese of the Han Dynasty used leaves from treated mulberry bark, hemp, cloth, vegetable fiber mixed with water and made a paste to produce cardboard.

All this material was mixed, turning into a homogeneous pulp that was spread in a frame. Then, after getting a very thin thickness, the condensed pulp was pressed with heavy items to make the cardboard sheet. The card, as it was called, was used to wrap and preserve food.

Corrugated cardboard was patented in England

In 1856, corrugated cardboard was patented in England by British inventors Edward Allen and Edward Healey. At the time, cardboard was used only as a lining material for tall hats and its practical use for transport packaging did not appear until 15 years later.

In 1871, businessman Albert Jones, from New York, obtained a patent for corrugated cardboard as a transport material. In this way, the corrugated cardboard boxes served to protect and transport glass bottles safely.

Corrugated boxes as we know them today were invented in 1874 by Oliver Long, who improved the design by adding liner sheets. This, incidentally, gave rise to ‘duplex cardboard’ (two layers) and triplex (three layers of coating).

This new feature gave greater durability and strength to the packages, allowing them to carry heavier loads and to be stacked safely.

It is still one of the most sustainable packaging

The environmental benefits of using cardboard boxes are far-reaching. In fact, consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact their purchases have on the planet. As a result, they look for ecological solutions whenever possible.

The cardboard boxes are made of 100% biodegradable raw materials and are completely safe from disposal. It is worth noting that around 70% of the world’s cardboard is recycled. As a result, most cardboard boxes today are made from reused materials. Cardboard packages can be manufactured without the need to add bleach or dyes in the process. In other words, it keeps our water systems clean and free from pollutants.

Racer Boxes a Canada Box Manufacturer

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