Whether your customers are buying from your e-commerce or your brick-and-mortar retail store, their expectations are the same: receive the product safe and sound, on time, and good conditions. To keep your customers loyalty, your boxes can play a fundamental role.

Therefore you should feel 100% confident when choosing packaging boxes for your business. This will allow you to increase sales, retaining customers, and providing an excellent customer experience. That is the reason that you can count on Racer Boxes, a wholesale box manufacturer and box printer, to help you to choose the best boxes solutions for your business.

To start, let’s check what the differences between cardboard and corrugated boxes are.

What Are the Differences Between Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes?

At first glance, the cardboard box and corrugated boxes look similar and seem to accomplish the same tasks, but the truth is that they are different in structure and purpose. Your final choice between corrugated and cardboard boxes will make a significant impact on your business once comparing your customer’s impressions.

corrugated carton box is made up of a few layers of material rather than just a single sheet. The confection of these three layers provides a fluted layer, which allows this box to be lightweight. This characteristic might be beneficial for your business if you ship a significant number of packages. Moreover, this box will remain in good shape when exposed to shocks, moderated moisture, and sudden temperature changes. Thus, a corrugated carton box can provide you a higher level of assurance that your products will move from your warehouse to the destination safe and sound.

cardboard carton is produced of thick paper stock or dense paper pulp. Thus, this kind of material allows the manufacturing of a great variety of products, even the entirely customized boxes for your business needs. Different products can be shipped in cardboard boxes, but keep in mind that this material offers less protection under harsh conditions. Often, to enhance the protection, the use of bubble wrap is common to ensure the products inside stay safe, which might increase your costs.

Whether you choose to carboard boxes or corrugated boxes, our team of experts is here to help you to find the best solutions for your business. We are committed to getting the job done right and on-time every time, helping our customers in British Columbia and Washington US with their packaging needs.

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