If you are thinking about opening an online store or even if you have a company that works with the delivery of local items (a grocery store, mini market or a bakery, for example), it is likely that the packaging of these items was one of the first items you thought about, right? After all, the important thing is to have cardboard boxes available in the right size so that the products reach their recipients intact, right?

Right! But this is not the only thing that must be taken into account. Did you know that there are different types of single wall boxes? And that you can also choose double or even triple wall boxes? Read on to better understand each option.

Flute Types and Their Characteristics

A single wall cardboard sheet is formed by two flat sheets and between them there is a corrugated sheet, called a flute. There are 4 types of flutes used in the market today, A wave, B wave, C wave, and E wave. In practice, these letters represent a reference for the thickness of the wall. 

  • A wave, for example, although very used in the past, is not the most common one today. It has a thickness of 5mm as standard.
  • A corrugated sheet C has a thickness of 3.2 to 3.9 mm. 
  • In the case of wave B, the thickness drops to 3 mm.
  • Wave E defaults to a thickness between 1.2 and 1.5 mm.

When we talk about a double wall corrugated cardboard sheet, two letters will be combined to specify its thickness, for example, the most used nowadays is the BC wave cardboard sheet (combining a single B wave wall plate, coupled with a wave plate C) causing their thicknesses to be added together: Wave C 4mm + Wave B 3 mm = Wave BC 7 mm. This can occur with other wave combinations, for example a BE wave.

Which Type of Cardboard Box Do I Need?

The strength of a cardboard box is determined by the material used in manufacturing the package and the box’s purpose for use. The thicker the paper – and the more waves it has, the stronger the box. In other words, to understand what type of box you need in your business, you need to assess both the weight of the products and the way they are stored (there are companies that keep products stocked in stacked boxes, for example). The heavier your products are, the more you need double or even triple wall boxes.

Racer Boxes Box Manufacturer – We Can Help Answer Your Boxing Questions

To find the ideal box for your products, average them using your last orders as an example – or even make possible combinations of what your customers could buy. Then just talk to your local cardboard boxes supplier, who will probably be able to guide you better as to the ideal packaging. If you are in the Vancouver area, please contact us at Racer Boxes and we can help you with these questions.

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