Working with manufactured products or retail, packaging quality is one of the essential things in your business. Whether your business distributes your products to local retails or shipping them directly to your customers, the box you choose matters greatly to your business reputation and customer satisfaction.

A popular choice for packaging is the corrugated cardboard boxes due to their affordability, durability, and reliability, bringing the cost-benefit equation very positive for retail and manufacturing businesses. Following, you can find three advantages of choosing corrugated cardboard and how to create custom cardboard boxes for your business.

Product Safety

Choosing the right box for shipping your product is the foremost thing to protect your product from a potentially bumpy ride. Custom cardboard packaging will protect your products and ensure safe travel to the final destination, avoiding damages against shocks, vibrations, and bumps.

The thick and durable qualities of a cardboard box provide resistant outer protection, while customized fit and size ensure your products stay put inside, with minimal movement inside the packaging.

Customize Size and Shape

As an experienced box producer serving British Columbia, Canada, and Washington State, US, Racer Boxes can provide the best solution for your packaging needs, including customized cardboard boxes to fit your products. Standardized boxes will likely not fit your product perfectly, giving it room to move inside and increase the chances of damaging the product.

You can easily solve this issue by choosing custom printed cardboard boxes to control the size, shape and materials used for your boxes.


Cardboard boxes are among the most cost-effective packaging options. The materials to manufacture these boxes allow an affordable price being a great budget-friendly option for your business. Moreover, the lightweight characteristic of these boxes allows your business to save on shipping costs.

Are you ready to make your next cardboard box purchase? Racer Boxes is prepared to handle it, providing you the most cost-effective box purchase for your business in Canada and the USA. Contact our team now at 604-270-8205 or to find the best customized cardboard boxes for your business

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