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Are you a Vancouver deliverer who needs to deliver items with care and style? Well, you’ve hit the right spot. Racer Boxes, one of the most reliable producers of cardboard boxes Vancouver, offers wholesale prices on a wide array of cardboard boxes. And great news, some of these designs are ideal for your delivery guy!

Cardboard Boxes: All Shapes and Sizes

Like any delivery business, you would want your delivery boxes to stand out and be recognized. Racer Boxes gives you the flexibility to choose from their endless variety of cardboard box shapes and sizes. In this way, if you’re delivering pizzas, you will be able to find flat and wide boxes, and if you want to deliver some fast food meals, there will be taller boxes for you, depending on your preferences.

Cardboard Boxes: Handles Attached

Many a time, the delivery guy or the end user needs to hold the delivery box upright in order to avoid the spilling of the contents of the box. One way is to prop the box against your chest while supporting it with your arms, and the other more suitable way of handling these boxes is to simply attach a handle at the top. Racer Boxes has several box designs with handles to suit your particular needs.

Insulated Boxes

Boxes with built-in insulation are the best suited for delivering items that need to reach their end users at the right temperature. If you are in the business of delivering hot food or cold ice-cream, you will find Racer Boxes’ insulated boxes very useful. These boxes are lined with Styrofoam, which traps air inside its pores, making heat conduction virtually negligible. Therefore, very little heat can travel into or out of the box, maintaining the desired temperature of the contents.

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