We are well aware that the cardboard boxes segment is currently experiencing supply problems. This is a segment that has been greatly affected by the pandemic (which greatly boosted online shopping) and the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has affected the supply chain as a whole.

And with the arrival of the second semester, many companies begin to plan their end-of-year events – such as black friday and Christmas, which tend to heat up the commerce. And according to supply analysts, the supply of packaging should remain tight until the end of this next holiday season.

How, then, to prepare? How to plan an increase in sales without fear of running out of packaging to ship products? In this article, we will give you some tips that can help.

Shortage of Cardboard Boxes: Is It for All Types?

Before moving on to practical tips, it is interesting to look at the different paper packaging. According to supply analysts, there are different scenarios happening at the same time – it all depends on the type of box in question.

Let’s start with traditional corrugated cardboard boxes, widely used to send products by mail, for example. Although they are also included in the context of scarcity, they can still be obtained relatively easily. Other types of boxes, such as non-corrugated (usually used as packaging that wraps a product directly) can be more difficult to find/buy. If you use both types, check with your local supplier for the scenario for each type of box.

How Not to Run Out of Cardboard Boxes?

In the current moment, to avoid having to stop sales due to lack of packaging, planning is even more crucial. Check out some tips below that can help.

  1. Anticipate

If you tend to plan your box orders weeks in advance, you may need to review this template. That is, it is necessary to think even further ahead, months in advance. And that, as we know, can affect a company’s financial planning. Which brings us to item number 2.

  1. Narrow your relationship

If you already have a local packaging supplier, now is the time to strengthen your relationship with them. Ask for help with this planning task and negotiate special conditions for larger orders. Another good tip is to ask the supplier directly what he is currently producing, to try to fit your order instead of making a very personalized demand.

Of course, your supplier will go out of their way to help you in whatever way they can – but you may need to meet them halfway.

  1. Understand Who Your Supplier Is

This tip is closely connected with the previous one. In addition to strengthening your relationship with the supplier, it is interesting that you understand how the market works. Is your supplier local? Does it receive the raw material used in the boxes and other packaging from other local suppliers? Or does it depend on material imported from other countries?

In the second case, this supplier is likely to be more susceptible to changes in the global scenario, which can directly affect the supply of boxes to your business (and their price as well). On the other hand, local suppliers are usually able to deflect a little more from problems like this – in addition, prices are also usually lower, since there are less expenses with logistics and transport of materials.

Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

If you are in Vancouver and are looking for a cardboard box supplier for your business, please contact us. We work with local suppliers and have good product delivery times. If you want to negotiate your boxes for the next few months, click here and we can help you with your demands.

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