We are well aware that one of the main challenges facing entrepreneurs today, especially small business owners, is to stand out from the crowd. Today’s consumers have a lot of choices available to them – and they are impacted by product information and advertising all the time. How, in this scenario, to establish itself as a trusted brand?

At the end of the day, all this leads us to the elaboration of the brand persona. This is a marketing technique that attributes human characteristics to your brand. As if it was really a person. This is a great way to guide everything in a company – from communication to packaging where products will be shipped to their new owners.

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today – with a focus, of course, on packaging. Keep reading to understand better.

What Is a Brand Persona?

As mentioned above, brand persona is a marketing exercise that consists of designing human characteristics for your brand. This is important because it can help you position yourself in the market and also better communicate with your customers. In general, people tend to trust brands whose personality is similar to their own.

To get to your brand personality, you can use a number of attributes – but in general, there are five broad groups that are used a lot in this exercise. They are: exciting, sincere, rugged, competent and sophisticated. You can start by choosing one of these – and from there, choose other more specific adjectives.

Let’s take a practical example. We could fit the Tim Hortons brand into the exciting category. And within this classification, we fit other adjectives: young, with no time to waste, likes to eat out, urban, loves social networks, etc.

Why Is It Important?

With these characteristics in mind, we can already imagine a standard client that has these characteristics, right? And why is this important? The topics below can help you answer this question.

  1. Communication: with this personality in mind, you will be able to plan how to communicate with your customers. This goes through texts, images, colors and so on.
  2. Differentiation: Having a well-defined brand persona helps you to be confident enough to stand out from your competitors.
  3. Values ​​and message: it is also easier to define the values ​​and messages that your brand wants to convey.

Personality Packaging

And, finally, we come to the main objective of this post: to emphasize the importance of packaging that has to do with your brand personality in this whole process. To do this, we also have some tips. Check out below.

  1. Language

Let’s say you have an online store and, in the process of defining the persona, you assign it the characteristics trendy, casual and young, for example. When thinking about the packaging – and what goes on it – you can use slang, jokes or humorous comments. This applies both to the product’s inner packaging and to the outer cardboard box, which can have a custom print.

  1. Colors

Yes, colors also communicate a lot and send messages! If your brand is described as classic and sober, for example, you will probably have a more neutral color palette, with black, white, gray, for example. For more delicate and youthful brands, you could use softer tones. For trendy brands, more vibrant shades and so on.

  1. Fonts

They work exactly like the colors – the chosen font, whether for the personalized cardboard boxes, or for any letter you happen to send along with the packages, communicates something. Classic and more serious fonts like Times New Roman communicate just that – a brand that’s geared towards the classic, towards the serious.

  1. Type of Material

Yes, even choosing the ideal cardboard box for shipping your product can send a message. Discreet boxes can be connected to values ​​such as seriousness and reliability (and many consumers like that, especially when it comes to high-value purchases – a discreet and minimalist box attracts less attention on the way to the final destination, for example). Boxes with more festive printing, in various colors, convey an air of relaxation and even youth.

Cardboard Boxes in Vancouver

To summarize, it is important to define your company’s personality because this can guide a series of other decisions that will be made later. If you are going through this process and would like cardboard boxes that fit your brand, please contact us at Racer Boxes. We work with a number of formats, sizes and types of printing and we can help you with your demands.

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