The SubCom Model, Old & New

We sell a lot of wholesale custom mailers to businesses across the Vancouver lower-mainland, so the subscription model isn’t new to us. And for those of us old enough to remember Columbia House Record Club, the subscription business model doesn’t seem like a new model or a new innovation. But it actually has become a new phenomenon — known as “sub-com.” The term subcom comes from the pairing of the subscription model with eCommerce and this paring has transformed the subscription model into an disruptive marketing strategy that’s shaking up the retail space.

Take BarkBox for instance. Their subscribers grew from 1,500 to 55,000 in just one year with over 95% retention. While 55,000 may not sound huge in total numbers, one has to consider that most customers are loyal monthly customers signing up for 6-12 months of service. That gives a startup a lot of financial stability! For big numbers, take Birchbox, which gained over a million subscribers within its first five years! It’s that kind of growth that can only happen by leveraging the power of modern day eCommerce technology.

How to start in SubCom, Designing Custom Die-Cut Mailers

ECommerce technology has made the subscription model an extremely easy space to get into. Canadian consumers are already online and shopping; and with streamlined online services such as Cratejoy, it’s easier than ever to get up and running in the SubCom space.

What makes the SubCom model standout in our view is it’s embedded marketing strategy, you can’t separate the product from the marketing and branding. Even if your box is packed with other branded products (which is common), it creates a gestalt — where the sum of the whole is greater than its parts. This means that when your customers receive your box, all of the products in the box are part of your product. The parts included are psychologically wrapped up as a part of your brand.

Branded Packaging

The Gestalt effect is what makes creating a branded packaging experience such an important part of the subscription box marketing strategy. When it comes to ordering custom mailers and boxes for your SubCom, everything from the outside to the inside of your mailer needs to be thought out and customized. Not unlike gift-wrapping, the idea behind creating a branded packaging experience is to make the subscription box itself part of the experience — part of the product. But unlike gift-wrapping, even the inside of your box is an important part of the branding strategy.

How the Box UnfoldsCustom Die-Cut Mailers

When ordering custom die cut mailers, you should consider exactly how you want your customer to unbox and experience your packaging. Which ways should the box unfold? Do you have something printed on the inside flap? How many steps are involved in the unboxing?

Racer Boxes, Custom Mailers in Vancouver

If you are looking for custom mailers for use as subscription boxes, give us a call at Racer Boxes in Vancouver BC at (604) 270 – 8205 . We manufacture die-cut mailers and sell wholesale from Richmond BC and across the greater Vancouver area.

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