This series of posts for small businesses in Vancouver BC, our Box Manufacturing company in Richmond BC provides responses on important questions for startups and small businesses in eCommerce that rely on shipping boxes or wholesale cardboard mailers in one form or another.

This post concerns the types of boxes and the boxes sizes that are recommended to send to Fulfillment by Amazon and how to get the best bang-for-your-buck, cost wise. If you haven’t been following our eCommerce series so far, you may want to also check out our previous posts: Printing your own Label Stickers vs Custom Printed Boxes3 Tips to Boost Efficiency for Vancouver eCommerce, and Buying Wholesale Boxes: China vs Vancouver Canada.

Tips for Amazon’s FBA

Use Double or Triple Walled Corrugated Cardboard

Amazon sellers will often recommended against using single walled boxes, in order to ensure your products get to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centres (FCs) safely. As one Amazon seller states in the Amazon seller forums: “I highly recommend that whatever box size you use, make sure they are double walled or triple walled, as that will help protect the contents inside and the box will show up to the FCs in much better shape than a single-walled box will.”

Also, another reason to go with double walled corrugated cardboard or more is that you can’t rely on Amazon to double box and safely package your items. While Amazon typically does re-box (or double-box) items at their FCs, they don’t always do so. So it’s necessary to ensure your products are protected in the event they ship from the FC with nothing more than the packing you’ve provided.

Buying Wholesale Boxes from the Manufacturer

If you’re an Amazon seller looking to use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, you can save a great deal on ordering custom wholesale shipping boxes directly from the box manufacturer. Box manufactures, like Racer Boxes in Vancouver BC, are able to make your boxes to order, providing custom dimensions, die-cut designs, in-house box printing services, along with industry leading customer service.

Min-Max the Box Size

It’s a balancing act to stay within Amazon’s box size pricing structure and allow enough room to fit various sized items. An advantage of ordering directly from the box manufacture is that it allows you optimize your boxes sizes in accordance with FBA box dimension requirements. As a wholesale box manufacture, we can provide the flexibility you need to meet your sizing, branding, and protection needs.

Vancouver Wholesale Custom Mailers & Box Printing

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